Have you ever dreamed of owning a little island of your own ?
Ever wanted to live on your own Yacht?
or have a car in the drive of a nice house ?

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We have Islands, Beach, Road and Riverside properties
and all in lag free, Voice Enabled, Mature FairChang sims !!

We have water sims to Boat, JetSki, Surf or Dive !

Looking to start a business?
Check out our Commerical sims or ask about our Rental Stores

We have over 5 years experience inSecond LifeŽand a great reputation
US based.. so no VAT! Why take a chance ?

Our land sales are covered by our '7 day Return' policy. This means you have up to 7 days to change your mind and to ask for us to refund and take back the land.

We are also very willing to trade (up or down) and swap between land plots on FairChang. No need to stay put. If you see land we own that you like better..
Trade your FairChang land for it !

Check out 'Land Plots' link and take a look for yourself !

Contact Garth or Pituca FairChang with any questions